Will Greece Remain An EU ZOMBIE?

Will Greece Remain An EU ZOMBIE?

By Rex Ivy

Greece is set to become another black swan to grace the scene of the preordained and ongoing global economic collapse. One of the greatest shows on earth with all the drama of a Shakespearean tragedy is continuing to play out before our very eyes. In the latest act Greece will vote on January 25, 2015 how they wish to live their lives. They must decide if they wish to remain slaves or become the latest country to be labeled international terrorist-rebels. Yes, choose to be slaves of the whimsical and burdensome usury imposed by the international central banking cabal, or become renegade terrorist-rebels taking control of their economic futures. If they choose the terrorist-rebel route it will be without the strings of the international central banking cartel.

Several years ago it had been deemed necessary that Greece’s economic ills could be healed with additional loans and other measures. The EU and central bankers would loan additional monies at interest in an effort to prevent Greece from fully defaulting on its overwhelming debts. But in order to receive the so-called “aid package”, Greece was required to institute a remedy known as austerity.


A state of reduced spending and increased frugality in the financial sector. Austerity measures generally refer to the measures taken by governments to reduce expenditures in an attempt to shrink their growing budget deficits.

(Source: Investopedia.com)


Loans from central bankers have always come with strings attached. These strings, of course, are designed to turn governments and their citizens into puppets… Puppets that will be expected to perform certain actions such as sanctions and other unsavory duties at future engagements, even when those actions are detrimental to a country’s self-interest. Notice how deviously they coin the solution and problem in one dose! In this instance it is an overdose of austerity that caused the virus that has infected Greece to mutate. Over the past several years’ austerity has lead Greece’s infected populace to become more rabid and embrace an even more leftist-socialist ideology.  Oh how debonair, suave and sophisticated they make the word “austerity” sound. The central bankers and willfully complying governments expect citizens to feel like it is some badge of honor to be practicing “austerity”, again demonstrating the unfortunate fact that in the end it is the citizen who pays for the sins of foolhardy politicians.

The Greeks do have the opportunity to choose financial self-determination and independence from the failing EU experiment. However, the government of Greece will soon learn that self-determination will force the country and its citizenry to live within certain and more definite economic parameters. In the future there will be nowhere to turn if Greece burns the lenders and defaults on its sovereign debt.  Eventually some of the leftists’ beliefs will be altered by necessity. The realities of economics will organically create longer-term cures for what ails Greece. Hopefully the world at large will learn a valuable lesson from this Greek tragedy. The question of whether or not to be a New World Order slave must not only be answered by voting but also followed up with appropriate fiscal responsibility. Countries around the world must understand that borrowing and living beyond its financial capacity comes with strings. It is those strings that eventually tie the hands of governments and turn them into the puppets that so many countries have become.

At this very moment, Greece is experiencing the “I have a dream” moment… The type of dream all countries have had at one point or another. It is the type of dream where the world as a whole frees itself of the worthless leeches that feed on the world’s resources while harvesting the ingenuity and productivity of humankind. Oh to be an independent country…Free from the hegemonic vultures that feed off the carcasses of the living. Having the opportunity to vote away the treacherous cabal that continues to cause many of the conflicts around the globe.

It is undeniably fitting and just that Greece would have this opportunity, the opportunity to re-democratize itself and have a rebirth. Greece can experience this new birth, free of inherited debt and indentured servitude to the international cabal. It is what they do with this potential rebirth that matters most. Other countries have recently made their dreams reality by choosing to no longer willfully accept the usurious virus spread by international central bankers. It is the same virus that is causing entire countries worldwide to become economically lobotomized and zombified by the strings of “sanctions” and/or “austerity”. 

Greece must remember that it is not alone. Others recently such as Iceland, Hungary, Russia and others have said and are currently saying no. No more of this senseless abuse! The time of “all for one and none for the rest” is ending. It is time for the world to act upon a new plot and play the economic game under more just rules. It is undeniable that the stage upon which the world actors will be playing is changing. They have chosen to no longer allow themselves to be directed and coerced into actions they don’t agree with. Other countries will watch not realizing that they soon may be in Greece’s position. Yes, to think Greece is alone would be naïve and shortsighted. There are many other countries currently being exposed to the viruses of central banks. Toxins such as Quantitative Easing, ZIRP, bail-ins, reduction of reserve requirements, relaxation of banking guidelines, manipulation of currencies, derivatives and a host of other economically lethal toxins which are currently being unleashed. Left uncontained they will infect and consume the economies of the world. The big money question is which country will be the host with the most that can feed the beast.

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