by Rex Ivy and Moot Booxlé

As the preordained economic collapse continues, it appears woefully clear that Spain, Italy, and a host of other European countries have no intention of changing their socialistic leftist policies. It is a combination of the many social programs along with other fiscal misappropriations that have driven social debt to unsustainable levels. This situation will take on a whole new life if the world should see Greece manage to get their loans renegotiated or forgiven. Predictably and justifiably other countries will demand the same treatment. The grand plan appears to be this: Everybody gets to play…until they can no longer pay.

An interesting paradox is that major corporations are enjoying the best of all worlds. Corporations are receiving a great many accommodations from governments as long as they are providing politicians with financial support. These benefits include (but are not limited to) waivers for environmental impact, lucrative contracts, tax breaks, incentives and taxpayer subsidies…just to name a few. Effectively, many large corporations are socialized on one end and capitalistic on the other. The consequence of this arrangement is that when they lose, we lose, but when they win…only they win. The people who expect to receive their promised benefits must support this arcane structure that is looting the very treasury that was set up to pay them. Eventually the people are told that there are insufficient funds to support the once-promised social benefits and that cuts must be made. How many times have we seen this happen? Doesn’t this all look like a method of keeping the masses enslaved? How many times have you seen people work a lifetime with the promise of benefits to only have them withdrawn at the very moment they needed them most? Did it ever occur to you that this is exactly how the so-called “elite” want it? Is it a plan? Read on and consider the writing that follows.

We must be mindful of the fact that the present situation does not only apply to Europe – It applies to many countries around the globe. Politicians have been voting away future generations’ incomes for the allegiance of today’s donors. They have chosen to line their pockets at the expense of the lives of voters for far too long. Politicians talk a good game but what they deliver is a shame. Unfortunately, it may already be too late to fix the current situation. Worldwide debt with all the accompanying derivatives is leading the world into a financial holocaust like we have never experienced before. Retirees and those preparing for retirement will find themselves having to start all over again in an effort to simply survive. The central banks’ low interest policies have already decimated the savers of the world and many irresponsible people and companies have been afforded low interest loans. This irresponsible policy of the world’s central bankers has taken moral hazard to a whole new level and definition. In any case, the younger generation will be expected to establish a financial future of their own while simultaneously having to support both their families and the burdens of taxation for the many government social service programs. Younger voters are not going to go easily into that night…That night of the dark economic abyss where they pay everyone’s bills while their families struggle to simply make ends meet. Economic slavery appears to be the order of the “New World Order” age.

Of course, all of this is more by design than happenstance.  What we are witnessing is the Hegelian Dialectic being implemented on the grandest scale ever. First the powers that be create the problem (thesis), then they present the solution (antithesis), and finally their agenda gets put into place as a result (synthesis).  

Massive debt and derivative problems are the ball and chain of the world’s economic woes. The central bankers have willfully participated in this crime against humanity on a global scale. They willfully and purposefully led us into false Keynesian economic theories and then preached the virtues of them as if they were Gospel. They planted these economic bombs while assuring governments and citizens worldwide that they knew what they were doing economically. They assured world powers that their remedies were in everyone’s best interests. The many economic crises of past and present have been orchestrated by these parasites. It is apparent that the world is desperately in need of economic healing and an immediate remedy will soon be required. Unfortunately the world will look to these same economic quacks for the “solution”. They have already predetermined the solution or, should we say, the end result which they have sought all along. They need you to take their medicine, so they must first make you sick. That’s how their sick game is played. One part of the solution most likely will be the implementation of a single, global currency which they will control. We shall be told that a single monetary instrument will make trade fair and stop the current currency war. One problem created, one problem solved…both with the desired result. Enslavement of the masses and total control of the world’s money supply are prerequisites for their long-planned “New World Order”. In addition to a one-world currency, there will also be the need of a one-world government (the U.N.) to legislate and ensure that countries are complying with the dictates of the “New World Order”. Two problems created…two problems solved.

The next prefabricated problem is of the religious variety. As the economic crisis has been manufactured, so has the religious war been fomented. The current situation in France demonstrates how quickly people can be moved for a solution to a manufactured problem. Of course, people died, and for that we are most angry and saddened; justifiably so. The exact emotional result that the globalists were expecting has been achieved. Take note of all the political leaders who attended the protest. Now ask yourself, why haven’t these same individuals expressed as much enthusiasm in solving more pressing issues both past and present?

We need to see clearly that politicians are using the terrorist bogeyman to enslave us. In the end, their goals are as sinister (if not more so) than the terrorists they claim to be fighting. If you think that’s over the top, simply look at all we have already lost (or rather, given up) in personal freedoms in order to fight off the terrorist bogeyman.  I suppose we can now all agree that things never change the way we want them to, but they certainly do for the globalists! The fact is that the globalists have killed more people than any so-called terrorists could ever dream of killing, but the only killing that should be done is the killing of this uni-polar one world government “New World Order” beast.

One only needs to look as far as the most recent US elections. The voters went to the polls to cast their vote thinking that things would change, but for their efforts, those elected passed a 1.1 TRILLION DOLLAR budget filled with pork particularly for the largest banks. Nice! The wolves on Wall Street now have a buffet of more than just chicken on which to gorge…all at the taxpayers’ expense. The middle class citizens of the US would like to take this opportunity to say “WHAT?” Certainly this is not what voters were hoping for. But seriously – when was the last time voters really had a voice? Of course, now they will hear years of speeches from their currently (or soon to be) over-lobbied politician who coincidentally left his or her integrity in the District/State he or she swore to represent. This situation will only get worse when it occurs on a global basis. How much can global lawmakers extort from corporations for worldwide approvals for their actions?

The next move is toward a one world religion and this is also well documented. It appears that this effort is to be spearheaded by none other than the less-than-holy Pope Francis. Recently Shimon Peres floated the idea of a “UN of religions” and that Pope Francis should head the organization. Pardon me, but what chutzpah! Of course, what else would you expect from a left-wing politician like Shimon Peres? This is just the idea “seed” for the concept which will take root as soon as the right catastrophe occurs. These people with evil intent are becoming very predictable, which indicates that they are in some type of panic mode. Evidently, they feel that they must move now or else their goal will not be achievable. There is plenty of evidence in support for this line of reasoning. Look at the Pope running around the world like his robes are on fire trying to attract support for his agenda. His agenda is very far removed from the traditionally held religious doctrines of the Catholic faith, so much so that the Roman Catholic Church is now in turmoil and will most likely fracture. Examine the Jesuits and their actions throughout history.  You will be appalled at what you find. Please, just take some time to investigate these things for yourself. Many people won’t. Instead, it is probably safe to assume that most people will sit back, drink some beers, and enjoy their football games. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that the real game that’s being played is going to affect them and their families for more than four quarters… and the penalties will be harsh. 

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