A World In Ruins

by Rex Ivy and Moot Booxlé

From the earliest moments of recorded history, man has sought to define and understand his origin. The main question to be answered was, “By what power did all things come into being?” It was simply assumed that it was by some supernatural being or beings using mystical means far beyond man’s comprehension. Long before there were secular humanists devoted to attempting to explain man’s origin via the scientific method, there was the theologian. Theology, by its simplest definition, is the study of God. 

A more accurate definition for the theologians, on the other hand, is: 

Theologians are God-defining opportunists with little to offer but opinion. They base their theories on assumptions of the unknown, using as few concrete facts as possible while ignoring other well-known facts in their entirety. The theologian does this in an effort to convince others that they are the only ones that actually know the secrets of God and the universe. Unfortunately for mankind, it has worked to a great extent and to our collective detriment in that billions have bought into their theological assertions. 

Once certain ideas about God (or gods) gained widespread acceptance among people groups, it took no time until certain practitioners of the “craft” found a way to make theology profitable. These unscrupulous individuals learned the power and allure that mysteries and myth can have over the human psyche. These men, claiming to have “secret knowledge”, found a plethora of people who willfully succumbed to the tales that they were spouting, and thus, the foundations of organized religions were formed. Man’s quest for being God’s chosen people and the potential for eternal life, added for good measure, opened the treasure trove of the subconscious mind to these practitioners of the “craft”, making it susceptible to suggestion, revealing its programmability. Over time, the programming has been perfected to the point at which many religious zealots have developed the capacity to conquer everything by “faith”, including easily verifiable facts. As an example, victory “by faith alone” has become the battle cry for many in Christianity today. 

Subsequently, billions of religious people have effectively been turned into little more than spiritual zombies in one form or another. Or, if you prefer, a parade of spiritually spouting parrots squawking specific “scriptures”, and never once studying how those verses even came into existence. Yes, several millennia since theology’s advent, we may now witness the culmination of their handiwork, or should we again say, “craft”. 

We have Catholic theologians, Christian theologians, Jewish theologians, both Torah and Talmudic, Muslim theologians and on and on and on ad nauseam, and we have nothing but a history of war, death, and misery to show for it. 

Is this really a result of devotion to a loving God? 

Each group of theologians will shamelessly and boldly claim that it is only their writings, regardless of source, that possess the one truth concerning a loving God. How can truth ever be derived from ancient scrolls and writings from sources mostly unknown and unverifiable? In spite of that circumstance, each of these groups implores their respective audiences to fight for truth, or rather, their definition and version of truth. Examining this objectively, it would seem to the more reasonable among us that each of them may have bits and pieces of knowledge that could possibly speak to a universal truth, but the vast divisions among them all prove that none of them quite have it right. In fact, there are a myriad of differences of opinion within each of these religious groups, yet somehow they will all confidently proclaim that each of them have more truth than the others, and are all too willing to inspire their respective followers to kill or die for the cause. Witness within Christianity alone the tens of thousands of different denominations and sects. It stands to reason that each of these was born out of some irreconcilable schism. They all can’t be right! 

Up to this moment in time, God has yet to manifest Himself globally, but surely a loving God wouldn’t approve of this animosity among all His people. How is it that we’ve come to assume that God is a man in the first place? Is it simply because some scroll or book said so? It seems, perhaps, that man has made God in his own image. Who is the creation and who is the creator? Something is indeed backwards. 

There is a worldly solution to this problem of religious fighting, of course, but some would argue that it would lead to a one-world religion. Indeed, it most likely would, and we definitely don’t want that, under any set of circumstances! So let’s try this; why not put all the theologians in one place, and for once, let them personally fight it out; preferably, it would be a fight to the death! After all, for thousands of years they’ve had their indoctrinated adherents fight all the wars. For these theologians, all the prior wars were acceptable as long as it was somebody else’s blood being shed. Perhaps it’s time for them individually to fight for what they adamantly declare to be the “truth”. The time is long overdue for theologians to prove their worth and have some of their own skin in the game. Would they so easily implore their followers to shed blood if it was their own necks on the chopping block? 

All the religious leaders should be required to be out there duking it out as well, for they’ve provided sustenance for the theologians by proliferating their pious pontifications. That would solve one very big problem. Worldwide, we can watch until it’s over and then compassionately put the survivors out of their misguided misery! No need to be concerned for them, they have nothing to fear whatsoever; for their God will surely save those that their God sees as holy! 

This just might give us a clearer indication of what type of religious belief system God actually approves of. At this point, it seems to be no organized religion whatsoever! For the sake of our children and mankind in general, let’s just get rid of organized religion altogether, for it has obviously failed in providing a reliable way for man to reach God and live peacefully upon the earth. 

Organized religion has been quite successful in dividing people while making particular groups of other sanctimonious people very rich and powerful. Considering the fact that there is no absolute certainty that the version of God as presented by these theologians is accurate, it’s quite reasonable for us to collectively agree to keep the love of a creator God in our hearts and do our level best to love one another, and then forge ahead without the inherent destructive nature of organized religion. Let’s face it; we’ve tried it their way for thousands of years, and what’s been happening just isn’t anywhere close to what could remotely be considered Godly. 

As a result of this theological battle, the world of organized religion will be in ruins, but our newly converted world will be born again. The imagery of the phoenix rising from the ashes is often used by the malevolent global elite, for they want to destroy the world and have it “rise from the ashes” in a mold of their making. I would say that they are doing quite a good job of it! However, what if, from the ashes of the collapse of organized religion, instead of a unified global religion that only tightens the grip of control, there emerges a simple, back-to-basics philosophy of loving the Creator and our fellow man, no longer under the iron grip of organized religion? 

This proposition will seem preposterous to many, and in some ways, it is, but it’s only because too many people will continue to cling to their religion and associated “holy” books to the bitter end. It has gotten to the point where many of the religious possess a greater love of writings than that of God, particularly the writings referred to as prophecy, with the apocalypse and judgment as the ultimate solution to mankind’s dilemma. 

If we truly are made in God’s image, as many claim, then we surely should have the capacity to correct our mishaps with the power of love. Perhaps it’s more prudent to skip this long-awaited apocalypse altogether and make a concerted effort to build a better world now. 

It may be that our vision of the theologians and leaders of various religions fighting to the bloody death was proposed with tongue in cheek, but the underlying implications are deadly serious. History informs us of how many millions upon millions have died for “the cause”. Wouldn’t it be better this time if it were they that suffer the consequences of being wrong instead of us and our loved ones? 

Do you really think that all of this division is by mere coincidence? Can you really accept it as fact that all these opposing views held by and among the world’s largest religions have developed simply out of thin air, without an agenda at play? Christianity, via Paul, is in many ways a polemic against certain aspects of Judaism and the teachings of Jesus. Islam is opposed to Christianity in many fundamental ways. Atheism in its militant, anti-Theist form is little more than a polemic against organized Christianity, but equally despises any belief in a higher being. 

All of these religions have been set up very carefully to collapse on one another like a house of cards. Rest assured; the rug will be pulled from under the feet of the willfully duped, and when reality is ultimately revealed, they will realize that they have all been taken. 

This is a classic example of the Hegelian dialectic at play. The ruling elite, who have been seeking a one-world order for a long time, have insidiously engineered this house of cards, and will stop at nothing to facilitate its downfall. At that point, when all seems lost, when all the prophecies that the various religions have sought do not come to pass as expected, these nefarious psychopaths and sociopaths will swoop in with a “solution”. Their solutions will be, as usual, designed to fix problems of their own making and for their own purposes. 

That may seem a bit fatalistic, but it serves to prove our point. Adherents to organized religion are being herded like cattle to the slaughter. Faith in a benevolent, creator God is not only honorable, it is vital to our spiritual wellbeing and survival. However, faith in a man-made set of rules and dogma may very well lead to our collective downfall, leaving our world in ruins. 

On a positive note, there is actually something that theologians of all stripes can agree upon, and that is that information such as we are presenting here should not reach the minds of their brainwashed followers! 

We are committed to uncovering the blinding truth about organized religion and advocating following the simple teachings of Jesus Christ as best as can be determined. Jesus never started nor advised us to adhere to an organized religion, despite man’s attempts to drag Him into Judaism or harmonize His teachings with that of Paul, which are truly not compatible. His ultimate message is very simple, and when put into practice, it actually works. 

Organized religion is a rigged game. So the only way to win…is simply not to play. 

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