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We hope that you will find some information during your visit that enlightens you, or at the very least, provokes you to think about some big questions.

Do you believe in God?

If so, do you consider yourself religious? Many people spend years attending religious services, and may even read the Bible fairly often, but they never ask themselves these simple questions:

  • What do I actually believe?
  • Why do I believe as I do?
  • Have I attempted to convince others to believe as I do?
  • Did I ever verify what I believe to be true?
  • Have I ever cared enough for any of it to matter?

Attempting to answer these questions sincerely is what led us to share the information presented on this website.

Who are we anyway?

We are Rex Ivy and Moot Booxlé, a pair of reluctant authors and investigators. We say "reluctant" because we certainly did not intend to write any articles, books, or anything of the sort when we began this journey, but that is where the road led us. We came together because we were working on musical projects, began writing songs, and decided to write some material based on the "End Times" and the book of Revelation.

That proved to be a pivotal decision, as anyone who has read any of that material can attest that it's not exactly straightforward. We needed to study and really learn the material inside and out in order to write about it with any confidence.

It is not as if either of us were ignorant of the Bible or things related to it (or so we thought); We both come from a strong religious background, spending a great many years attending church and reading the Bible. We were what one would call "true believers", having been taught that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible Word of God and that the Christian church was following, to the best of its ability, the teachings of the Christ whose name the religion bears.

Then we actually read the Bible. Sure, we had read it in bits and pieces regularly for decades, and even considered ourselves fairly "well-versed" in many of its concepts (no pun intended), but we had never truly studied it in the depth that one should if they consider their spiritual life important. It is our informed opinion that the vast majority of people who say that they believe the Bible haven't actually studied it in this way either.

In short, there are many problems and contradictions presented throughout the Bible in its current form, regardless of translation, and that has caused those who have encountered them with a reasonable mind to do one of two things:

A; Give up on faith in God entirely, concluding that if there are so many unresolvable problems with the Bible's text, the whole thing must be a lie. This, coupled with regular observations of hypocrisy within Christendom, can be too much for an analytical mind to bear and they simply wash their hands of the whole thing.

B; Delude themselves into thinking that the problems don't exist. There is a myriad of ways that this is done; First of all, one may decide that they are just not educated enough to understand what's "really" being said, and therefore ignore the problematic text. If they don't ignore it, but instead attempt to resolve it, they may consult their pastor or a vast number of Biblical apologists online for guidance. Rest assured that they will find a "solution" to any apparent "contradiction" or other issues with the Biblical text presented.


We set out to prove that the Bible was the complete, inerrant word of God when we began our study since that was our sincere belief. However, what we found couldn't simply be explained away without resorting to outlandish leaps of logic or extra-Biblical frameworks such as Dispensationalism. We simply had to get to the bottom of this. It became an obsession! That unquenchable desire to know the truth and nothing but the truth is what led to the writing of our book, "Blinded by the Light: Have You Seen the Christ?" and, in turn, this website and our other informative materials available online.

What are we saying? What we're trying to convey is that there is a better way, a simpler way, than "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" and giving up on faith, or burying one's head in the sand and pretending that there are no problems with the Bible or Christianity.

Skeptics of religion often criticize Bible believers for ignoring or clumsily attempting to explain away the many contradictions, historical errors, failed prophecies, and other problems in the Bible, and this causes a great divide between the two groups. This certainly doesn't help the cause of spreading the "Good News" for the Christian, and it doesn't help the skeptic's unbelief to be met with what they may perceive as ignorant, blind faith in something for which there is no hard evidence. 

Occam's Razor: The simplest solution is often the best

Simply put, we must stop ignoring the problems with the Bible. We must recognize them and deal with them with intelligence and understanding. We can't make them go away, but we can go back to the simple, core teachings of Jesus as best as can be determined and simply follow them. It is really remarkable how many problems disappear when one's vision is cleared of the man-made complications that not only obscure but completely derail, faith in God.

That's why we're here. Won't you join us on this journey?


Our latest book: "Blinded by the Light: Have You Seen the Christ?"

Our latest book: "Blinded by the Light: Have You Seen the Christ?"