The Music Story

Rex Ivy Productions is a multimedia production company.

Rex Ivy Productions delivers authentic music in multiple voices and in a wide variety of genres, specializing in music that tells the truth about the world today and of yesterday.

Rex uses his vocal techniques to greatly alter phrasing, tonality, overall delivery and dialect within each genre he sings, and each voice he commands. From the lows to the highs, with or without vibrato, Rex's voice paints the canvas of his musical art.
Moot Booxlé is a master of multiple musical instruments and recording techniques with a focus on sonic and stylistic authenticity in every genre and era of music he produces.

Rex Ivy Productions is beginning to be recognized as one of the most unique and versatile musical forces of today. With millions of listens worldwide, this duo of musical chameleons will delight you with their eclectic sounds and emotionally earnest performances.

We offer a vast array of musical and vocal services. Contact Rex Ivy today to add our excellence to your production!

What others are saying about Rex Ivy Productions...

"Although Rex Ivy’s main attraction is a wide, colorful range and musical elasticity, the perfection of each song arguably deserves more credit. Ivy is more than capable of writing an entire LP in any of his wonderful styles, and any such record would be among the best albums in that particular genre."
- S. McCauley, Sonic Smash Music